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Who We Are

“The Red Door”, 1994
Thuraya Al-Baqsami
Bahrain National Museum

About Us

PLAN was formed in 1997 as a consulting office specializing in business development in the fields of Earth Observation and Geospatial Information, Consultancy and Capacity Building in Space Technologies, Meteorology, Seismological / Natural Hazards and Scientific projects.

With affiliates in Europe, the USA, Middle East-North Africa, and Central Asia, and a network of consultants in more than 20 countries, the company has become, after 18 years of operations, the leader in its areas of interest and territory.

Thanks to its highly qualified team of Arabic / English / French / Spanish / Russian / Greek speaking consultants with over 40 years of experience, PLAN has a record of achievement exceeding goals through hands-on management and teamwork; identifying project and market opportunities in challenging and complex environment; establishing strategic alliances and network of representatives to build long-term presence and results.

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