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Defense / Security

Overhead observation can be traced back to the Napoleonic Wars through the use of balloons. Overhead observation from airplanes started in the early 1900s. Shortly thereafter photographic reconnaissance was added. Finally, spacecraft moved overhead collection into a new epoch.

Satellite imagery is commercially available today, both for a wide spectrum of civilian applications as well as for National Security purposes. Many countries rely to some extent upon satellite imagery for intelligence and defense purposes, whether they are at risk or not.

Since commercial imagery is produced from unclassified sources, it can be more widely distributed to coalition partners. Integrating space-imaging capabilities into Intelligence operations offers a substantial increase in the ability to satisfy requirements at the strategic, operational and tactical levels in time of crisis. Satellite imaging technologies provide the means for enhancing Command and Control, facilitating military and humanitarian relief operations.

Because of its inherent advantages, satellite imagery is a necessary component in the myriad of national defense capabilities. On the other hand, UAV systems have demonstrated the capability of this type of aircraft, with downsized digital imaging sensors such as FLIR, IR cameras, laser rangers, etc. to collect and quickly deliver real time high-resolution imagery over localized regions and to loiter undetected over an area of interest, overcoming the challenging atmospheric conditions.

Whether the needs are for Electro-Optical Imagery, Radar Imagery, Multispectral Imagery, and Hyperspectral Imagery or their space and aerial platforms and sensor equipments PLAN will help fill the needs of our customers and provide turnkey systems from state of the art manufacturers.

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