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High Resolution Imagery

The use of very high resolution imagery has become commonplace in most Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the new technology provides overall operating savings. But the driving force behind its adoption is the increased benefits that the imagery brings to the operations of a GIS user.

PLAN supplies high resolution (better than 0.40m) imagery that is extremely useful for urban planning and military image analysis, as well as radar imagery for monitoring ship traffic, pollution, natural disasters, and more. The vantage view from Space offers broad scale view of Earth with repetitive coverage unaffected by political boundaries. Applications of these images include Potential Hazards Monitoring, Oceanography, Hydrology, Geology, Forestry, Agriculture, Mapping and Cartography. Surveillance and protection of borders and International Waters and of major world class oil production and reserves constitute an important challenge considering the proximity of potential conflict zones, political instability and diplomatic considerations. Earth Observation Satellites can help monitoring and mapping, with great accuracy, huge areas, anytime, anywhere in the world, almost immediately within short time delays, in very secure and discrete conditions.

If performed by airborne sensors, the permanent surveillance of such large territories comes up against three major obstacles:

  1. Frequency of dust cover in arid zones or cloud-cover in tropical and equatorial areas make the naval or aerial control operations difficult, expensive and often impossible.
  2. The risks involved in monitoring by conventional means:
  3. The technical expenses of aerial and marine surveillance equipment necessary to control, weekly or monthly, such large areas are prohibitive.

An efficient, discrete and rapid solution, a combination of high resolution satellite imagery and radar imagery provides an answer: the satellite can survey, day and night, any part of the world under any weather conditions. We provide a variety of high resolution products ranging from ‘raw’ data useful to value-added resellers interested in doing their own processing up to fully orthorectified imagery useful to customers interested in GIS-ready imagery products; to digital terrain data products useful to organizations interested in creating three-dimensional data sets. PLAN can provide imagery data from the major providers. Contact us for price quote and delivery.

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