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Ground Receiving Stations

Ground Stations are required to receive (in real time), process and extract information from the imagery collected by Earth Observation satellites.

Along with the very fast development of system of Earth observation technology, continuous improvement of Earth satellite observation systems, improvement in the sensors’ performance, satellite imagery is playing a more and more important role in our daily activities. As a result, quick response to monitoring requirement is often a first priority for analysts and government users.

The direct reception of satellite imagery data gives the user more autonomy for real time acquisition and guarantees control over the reception, processing and data storage cycle. By operating a their own Ground Stations our users benefit from timely access to critical data, improve the production of imagery information tailored for a particular requirements and create customized Geospatial products for immediate use. From an economical and practical point of view it is essential to exploit multi-satellite data sources to resolve problems such as weather conditions, revisit frequency, resolution and feature detection in order to improve operational efficiency.

PLAN and its partners offer integrated multi-satellite Earth observation data receiving and processing systems necessary to leverage the operational capabilities of Earth satellite observation to meet the most stringent requirement. These can be fixed or mobile (aero-transportable). Over 30 countries have already chosen this solution. Contact us for affordable high-resolution imagery ground receiving stations.

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