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Geospatial Processing

There is a single compelling reason to employ remote sensing and GIS technologies: they are extraordinarily cost-effective tools to transform basic data into useful higher-level information.

PLAN is a recognized commercial provider of enhanced satellite imagery. PLAN offers professional services in the development and application of remote sensing and geographic information technologies (GIS). PLAN provides its services to support the exploration, development and management of the Earth’s resources and the monitoring of the environment.

Our success is due to our corporate commitment to employing scientists who are first and foremost experts in their disciplines. When you hire PLAN, you are hiring people who understand phenomena and processes, and who are also skilled in the use of a variety of space age technologies. PLAN’s staff has been central to the development and use of these powerful and advanced technologies.

Today, PLAN offers a broad range of applications, ranging from geospatial data procurement (satellite data, DEM), image processing and analysis, mapping and Geospatial information processing to the provision of turn-key customized spatial land management and monitoring systems.

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