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Meteorology: A key sector for a sustainable society

Nowadays monitoring weather and climate has become a critical activity for the society and the economy. Over the recent years, the provision and use of meteorological data has exploded serving now a very large range of sectors and associate needs, from research and real estate to energy, and from land, air or maritime transportation to agriculture. And as those sectors grow and the available technology evolves and improves, whether for users (e.g smartphones, tablets) or providers (weather systems as for observation, calculation or transmission) of meteorological information, the potential for Meteorology is even stronger.

It is clearly demonstrated by the World Bank that the socio-economic impact of investments and efforts to modernize Weather Services is in the range of 5-7 to 1. It is estimated that in Europe, early warning weather systems yearly save several hundreds of lives, avoid between 0.5 – 2.5 billion Euros of disaster asset losses, and furthermore produce several billion Euros of additional benefits optimizing the economic production in weather-sensitive markets.

Weather and climate risk mitigation

Detecting, assessing, understanding and reacting to the weather conditions is a quality-driven and value-added service provided today in national, regional or global level.

As the complex environment we live includes phenomena as diverse as heavy rains and floods, ice and snow, strong temperature and humidity gradients, sand storms or dust accumulation, intense maritime phenomena, strong winds, volcanic explosions and atmosphere effects due or not to human intervention, mitigating weather/climate risks requires a multi-tools overall approach.

PLAN cooperates with multiple technology suppliers & experts, covering the spectrum of needs and providing all adequate means from the detection of meteorological information in-situ, to remote or satellite-based sensors, processing & interpretation, and dissemination to end-users through alerts and bulletins.

We provide capacity-building, staffing and training for weather and natural hazards risk mitigation to partners and customers in The Middle East, Central Asia & Latin America.


Current and Past Clients

Government Organizations

WMO, EUMETSAT, Directorate General for Civil Aviation and Meteorology (Oman), Egyptian Meteorological Authority, General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology (Yemen), Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Meteo France, Presidency for Meteorology and Environment (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), Qatar Meteorology Department, Bahrain Meteorological Service, Libyan National Meteorological Centre

Corporate Organizations

Meteo France International, Degreane Horizon, Cimel Electronique, Corobor Systemes, Raymetrics,EEC, Meteorage, Seaspace

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