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PLAN was formed in 1997 as a consulting network to bring the most advanced technologies and scientific expertise to help the stakeholders in their public policies / strategies and to apprehend and mitigate risks.

PLAN is committed to assist public organizations and private companies in understanding new opportunities and succeeding in their business development in complex and challenging environments.

With affiliates in the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa, Europe and the USA, and a network of partners in more than 20 countries PLAN has become the leader in its field.

At PLAN we put the human factor first. “To understand and succeed” is our motto. PLAN has a record of exceptional achievement through constant presence in the field, pragmatism, hands-on management, and teamwork.

Core capabilities

Satellite imagery that meets the needs of Geographic Information System in mapping, defense, agriculture, cadastral & urban planning, telecommunications, environment studies and disaster management & mitigation.

We work with partners from the international scientific community and industry, in the fields of seismology, marine pollution, tsunamis, air quality monitoring, thunder detection networks, and much more.

PLAN and its partners offer integrated multi-satellite earth observation data reception & processing systems necessary to leverage the capabilities of earth satellite observation systems to meet the most stringent requirements.

PLAN cooperates with its med tech partners for business development in The Middle East and Central Asia, with the power to bridge the gap between high-quality research and the life sciences equipment market so full of promise.

We provide the tools to collect the weather information data required in support of analysis and forecasting. These tools have dramatic impact in providing advance warning and mitigation of severe weather risks.

An independent team of international experts providing consultancy services in the Space Technologies domain to governments, space organizations, investors, for earth observation and telecommunications satellites program.

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